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Texas Missions

In 2007 we took our first trip to Weslaco, Texas with Tony and Cindy Greer from Morganton, NC. Once there our Church was hooked. We partnered with Tony and Cindy and started sending down teams each year. Our teams would do BackYard Bible School type ministry in Weslaco at a local Housing Project. Also, we partnered with Pastor Oscar and his Miriam in performing the same type ministry in Progresso, Mexico . This was done at their home that they used as their living space and on Sunday’s they would hold services in their yard.

On one trip Pastor Oscar took us to an area just outside the city of Progresso and shared his vision of building a Church that would reach out to the City of Progresso. From there birthed what you will see from our collection of pictures over the years.

In 2011 we were presented with the proposition of purchasing the Mission property in Weslaco. We felt that the Lord was opening a door that we had to go through. All the funds were raised and then some extra by just sharing the need with the Church.

Well, we had the property but we needed a Missionary family to live in it and help direct the work that was laid before. In comes, Jason and Katie Church. As Pastor Kevin was preaching through the book of Acts, just as the Apostle Paul felt the call to go, Jason and Katie felt the same call. Jason and Katie moved to Weslaco and became our “Boots on the Ground” for this Ministry.




Texas Mission Trip June 2015
22 Strong

This past week has been unbelievable. It will be impossible to put everything into words because I would need all day to do that, but I'm going to share a little bit about what we did.

Here's a little bit of backstory... This was my 8th trip to Texas/Mexico and I can honestly say that this trip was most definitely different than any of the others I've been on. The living conditions in Mexico are not the best, but the spiritual conditions are pretty good. The living conditions in Texas are better than Mexico (not by much), but the spiritual conditions are awful. Weslaco, Texas is a dark, dark place.

Our plan for the week was to do three VBS' a day. The first one would be at 10 in the morning at a local housing project. Jason and Katie advertised about the VBS in the project before we came. The second VBS was to be at 2 in the afternoon at another apartment/housing project just down the road from the first one. The third VBS was to be at 6 o'clock at North Bridge Elementary School that we have been working with for the past couple of years. On Monday we went to our first site at 10. We knocked on some doors, but no one showed. Mondays on mission trips are always chaotic. You never know what you're gonna get. Thankfully, one family did come out and so we did our VBS with them. It was small, but it worked.

We went to the 2 o'clock site next. The place that we had planned on setting up our equipment was under water from the recent flooding so we had to change our plans a bit to find a place to set up. We went and knocked on doors, but there wasn't a lot of interest.
By then we were all getting a little worried about what we would be doing during the day for the next three days since people weren't showing up. Gotta love mission trip Mondays! After we packed up and were planning on going back to the mission house and trying to figure out a plan, one of the ladies on our team suggested that we go and sing to the people at the rest home that was directly across the road. We went and sang some hymns to them and it was such a rejuvenating time for all. After being down because of the unsuccessfulness of the day, that visit to the rest home was just what we needed to lift our spirits. Unexpected blessings are the best blessings.

By bedtime on Monday night a new plan was forming. We decided to keep going to the 10 o'clock site since people had come and send a few people back to the 2 o'clock site just to see if anyone showed and then send the rest of the team to the school at 2 to have VBS there. We decided to come back and pick up all of the kids at North Bridge school at 5:30 and bring them back to the mission house for supper and lessons and a message at the end of the night. Tuesday was full of transition, quite a bit of chaos, and a few "What have we gotten ourselves into?" moments, but it worked!
We have known most of the kids that come to the North Bridge School site since the beginning. Some of the older boys and girls started coming to our VBS' when they were 7 and are now 14 and 15. We have gotten to watch them grow up!

It was so awesome to get to spend so much extra time with them. We were truly able to show them that we were there just for them. Most of the kids that have been coming all of these years to the Church of No Walls have parents who aren't Christians. These kids are so burdened for their parents. We got the names of some of the parents and wrote them on the white board in the mission house. We decided to pray diligently for these people and that they would come to the Church of No Walls with their kids. During the week some of the family members and parents did come! God answers prayers! That is one of the main things I learned while in Texas. Diligent prayer is the one thing that can turn any situation around.

There was one story that I specifically wanted to share in this post. Taylor Parker and Kirstyn Shew taught the older girls this year and I got to sit in and listen to some of their lessons. Taylor and Kirstyn are awesome teachers and people in general. They truly were the dream team! On the last night of VBS they showed Colbie Caillat's music video for her song "Try." They had white roses for each of the girls. Before they handed them to them they said something that they like about each girl whether it be a physical attribute or a spiritual one. The girls were moved to tears by what Taylor and Kirstyn shared. I had never seen these girls react this way to anything. They are always so solemn and stoic with a wall built around their emotions, but on that night, they broke. I just sat in the back and cried as I watched it all unfold. God was in that room. I know that each and every one of those girls will never be the same. I won't either. They were shown that they are all truly beautiful and made perfect in God's eyes. It was an unbelievable night.

Please pray for Jason and Katie as they continue to try to reach the adults in the community. I am so excited to see what God does in Weslaco, Texas. He has already started a great work!


April Mission Team 2015
A Trip Like No Other

This year's April Mission Team experience proved to be different in several ways. It was the smallest VBS team to date, it did not do any construction or Bible School in Mexico, and the team focused mainly on the Weslaco area with The Church of No Walls.

If you have ever been to the Mission House in Weslaco, Texas on a mission trip with a large team, you know what a logistical challenge it can be with getting everybody through the airport, transportation, cooking, cleaning, laundry, grocery shopping, and the bathrooms. Being a team of nine (5 ladies and 4 guys), lets just say those things were much, much easier. The challenge came on the Bible School side of things; we still averaged over 50 children and adults that had to be managed for each evening VBS at the school. This is where the Church of No Walls helped us greatly. They helped with crowd control, games, and clean-up afterward. Thank you Jason and the Church of No Walls!

While the team did not do any construction in Mexico, it was busy around the Mission House. The guys completed several projects like cleaning up the tool room and hanging a door at the entrance, separating the two long tables in the dining area into four tables, and reassembling some of the bunks in the ladies quarters. The ladies also pitched in by cleaning the game room (a rather large and dirty task) and other projects of their own. An interesting thing happened one day while at Lowe`s buying supplies; a lady who was getting off from work there approached Eddie and said the Lord put it on her heart to give him a $150 Lowe's Gift Card. Eddie told her that she did not have to do that and she replied “yes, I have to because God told me to give it to you”. Wow! There was no doubt in our minds that we were supposed to be in Weslaco that week.

The main focus of this team was VBS with a Ladies Bible Study at the school and going door to door in the Mission House area, witnessing and inviting people to the Church of No Walls. Sherrie Bare was preparing to do a Ladies Bible Study in Mexico and because we did not go across the border, taught her lessons at the school. One lady told her “That lesson was totally for her and what she needed to hear!” So you see, even when plans change, God knows our every need and is in control of every situation.

For that week, the Mission Team witnessed and handed out 480 fliers and information on the church, completed projects at the Mission House, did VBS and a Ladies Bible Study at the school and ended the week with a block party at the school on Thursday night, and a block party at the Mission House on Friday night. Both were well attended and many of the neighborhood people were introduced to the Church of No Walls.

Mission Team Members: Eddie Garza, Robby Carr, Keaton Parrish, Lakyn Parrish, Sherrie Bare, Lauren Testerman, Kristen Testerman, Megan Harper, Tom Lambey

6 Geesers & a Teen - Mission House Work Team
March 21 – 28, 2015

Annual trip to Weslaco mission house to do maintenance, repair, destruction and construction

This year’s project plan was to replace the floor in the women’s quarters and do minor repairs. It escalated into a major destruction and remodel of the sleeping quarters and bathrooms. As with all plans in Weslaco, they are subject to change and you must “go with the flow”. The team enjoyed a week of hard work and great fellowship as they worked late into the evening each night. They accomplished the remodel of the women’s area, addition of a new bathroom, repair of faulty wiring and improvements to the dining area/Church of no Walls all in 6 days. It is a “God Thing” to be able to accomplish so much in such a short time, praise the Lord for He is good! To learn more about the trip and view pictures and video of their work visit their Facebook page at 6 Geesers & a Teen.

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